UK Scrap Prices Have Steel at 300 and 345 Per £/tonne

November 12 2012 -Steel at 300/345 per £/tonne in prices from scrap-ex.

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices Ranges are in £/tonne ExWorks.  These are buy and sell prices.

Copper Dry Bright 3400 3750

Scrap Iron and Steel Metal Prices Ranges are in £/tonne ExWorks

Foundry Short Steel Scrap 265 295
Car and Lorry Engines 265 315
Steel 300 345

UBC Price Range in £/tonne ExWorks

Aluminum Baled/UBC 800 840
Steel 155 185

Price above are subject to change and you should contact vendor to obtain current scrap metal pricing.

URSI Scrap Prices Show Torchable at 9.75 Per 100 LBS

November 8 2012 Torchable at $9.75 per 100 pounds in prices provided by URSI

Steel USD per 100 LB
P&S 5′ and under $12.75
P&S Unprepared $11.25
#1 HMS $12.25
#1 HMS Unprepared/Cast $11.00
Torchable $9.75
Light Iron $10.50
Cars $10.50
Steel BX Wire $0.20

In other news:


The MEPS BRIC Countries’ average transaction prices increased in October in all eight carbon steel product forms researched. The Brazilian real and Russian rouble appreciated significantly against the US currency – thus pushing up the value of domestic material when measured in US dollars.

The Brazilian steel industry is now more bullish over the general outlook for production and consumption in 2013. The Chamber of Foreign Trade (Camex) has begun to levy a higher import duty on a number of finished steel products. The temporary tariff will be imposed initially for a period of 12 months.

Purchasing activity in the Russian Federation has begun to slow down. Distributors and downstream industries remain unwilling to either hold or build inventory. The construction season is drawing to a close.

Downstream demand for finished steel in India has fallen short of market projections. This trend is expected to continue in the post-Diwali period. NMDC’s decision to switch from quarterly iron ore supply contracts to a monthly pricing system has drawn criticism. However, the landed cost of imported raw materials has fallen, following the appreciation of the Indian rupee against the US dollar.

October domestic steel selling values for all product forms, increased in China, nevertheless, the outlook for the Chinese steel industry remains uncertain. Economic growth slowed for a seventh straight quarter.

Source: MEPS

Clare MI Area Prices Show AF Structural at 290 Per NT

November 7 2012 – AF Structural at $290 per NT in Clare, MI area. Prices provided by Fair Salvage Company.

Prices are per Net Ton:

2′ Plate and Str $290
5′ Plate and Str $270
AF Structural $290
Short Steel $260
Mixed Cast $255
Clean Motor $285
Unclean Motor $235
4×2 $260
Unprepared $200
UNP-Structural $225

In other news:


MEPS – EU Average Stainless Steel transaction values, for all austenitic grades, increased in October. Some EU mills were able to implement advances in basis numbers. Rises in alloy surcharges added to the upward price movement.

A small rise in alloy surcharges is expected to result in further advances in stainless steel selling figures in November. However, end-user demand is likely to remain subdued for the remainder of 2012.

MEPS believes that transaction values will rise during the first half of 2013. Many customers will need to increase purchases as seasonally higher spring consumption commences. Anticipated rises in raw material costs could spur stainless steel prices higher. However, only a modest recovery in consumption is forecast for next year. This is likely to limit the size of the price advances over the next twelve months and could lead to declines in selling figures by the beginning of the third quarter.

Source: MEPS