Electronic and Computer Prices Show Insulated Wire at 97 Cents Per LB

October 29 2012 – Insulated Wire at $.97 per pound shown in current electronic and computer scrap prices:

Rockaway Recycling

Computer Scrap – Price Listings

Clean Green Motherboards $2.25 /lb.
CPU Processor Chips $5.00-10.00 /lb.
Memory Chips $5.00/lb.
Harddrives $0.55 /lb
Power Supplies $0.30 /lb.
Low Grade Non PC Boards $0.10 /lb
Insulated Wire $0.97 /lb
Laptops $0.40 /lb
Back Panels CALL
Servers $.18-.35 per pound
Harddrive PC Board $3.00 /lb.
Whole Computer Towers $.27
Cell Phones no battery $1.00 per pound
Non-Green Motherboards $1.00

P&L Recycling

Computer Motherboards/cards/ram $1.80 (No brown boards – low quality)
Processors $.20 each
Hard Drives $.35
Power Supplies $.12

Fair Salvage Company

Prices per pound.
Complete PC Tower $.30
Incomplete PC Tower $.20
Complete Laptop $.75
Incomplete Laptop $.50
Cell Phones $3.50
Cell/Laptop Batteries (lithium only) $.60