Morgan Stanley Raises Nickel Price Forecast and Lowers Copper

October 12, 2014


Morgan Stanley raised its 2014 forecast of nickel prices by 2% to US$18,044/ton. Their forecast of copper prices held steady at US$6,939/ton in 2014. In 2015, the forecast of copper price is expected to drop by 3% to US$7,176/ton. Morgan Stanley also increased the forecast of price for aluminum up by 3% to US$1,893/ton in 2014 and increase further by 8% to US$2,072/ton in 2015.

YIEH reports Japan’s Tokyo Steel announced to cut its scrap purchasing prices again by ¥500/ton from October 9th.

After the adjustment, its H2 scrap purchasing prices averaged at ¥31,500~¥33,000/ton.

Among them, the scrap purchasing prices at Utsunomiya works are at ¥33,000/ton; those in Okayama works are at ¥31,500/ton; those at Tahara works are at ¥32,500/ton; those at Kyushu works are at ¥33,000/ton and those in Takamatsu steel center are at ¥31,500/ton.

YIEH also reports that reported that the US H1 scrap prices averaged at US$342.5/long ton on October 6th, down by US$20/long ton from the previous week and falling for the first time over the past four months.

Among them, the average prices of H1 scraps in Pittsburgh were at US$349.5/long ton, dropping by US$20/long ton; those in Chicago were at US$349.5/long ton, declining by US$20/long ton; and those in Philadelphia were at US$328.5/long ton, dropping by US$20/long ton; all in comparison with the previous week.

In the given period of time, the H1 scrap averaged at US$279.17/long ton in New York, Houston and Boston, dropping by US$6.66/long ton from the previous week.


In New Zealand – courtesy of Metalcorp
Steel ($/ton)
Heavy Steel No 1 225.00
Heavy Steel Oversize 200.00
Heavy Steel Rebar 150.00
Lightgrade Steel No 2 170.00
Car Bodies 120.00
Shredder Feed 110.00
Steel Swarf / Turnings 100.00
Copper Scrap ($/kg)
No 1 Copper 6.98
No 2 Copper 6.52
Domestic Copper 6.22
Burnt 6.22

USA reference Scrap Prices

Long Steel (per hundred) $8.00
Short Steel/Cast Iron (per hundred) $9.00
Cars (Per hundred pounds) $7.00
Tin / Lite Iron (per hundred) $6.50
Aluminum (per pound) $0.50
Aluminum dirty (irony) $0.14
Aluminum Rims (No Tire) each $10.00
Auto Brass Radiators (per pound) $1.25
Brass (per pound) $1.40
Car Batteries (each) $8.00
Clean Stainless Steel (per pound) $0.40
Copper #1 (per pound) $2.25
Copper #2 (per pound) $2.15
Copper Brite Wire (per pound) $2.45
Copper lite/sheet (per pound) $2.05
Copper/Aluminum (per pound) $1.00
Electric Motors (per pound ) $0.18
Insulated Copper Wire (per pound) $0.90
Insulated copper wire low grade $0.45
Lead (per pound) $0.25