PA Scrap Prices Show Cast Aluminum at 47 Cents Per LB

November 9 2012 – Cast Aluminum at $.47 per pound in prices in Walnutport, PA as reported by Great Metal Recycling.  Other scrap metal prices at the recycling yard are as follows:

Bare Bright Wire $3.00/lb
#1 Copper $2.80/lb
#2 Copper $2.60/lb
#3 Copper $2.20/lb
Brass $1.50lb
Ins. Bare Bright $2.25/lb
#1 Ins. Cop. Wire $1.30/lb
#2 Ins. Cop. Wire $0.90/lb
Christmas Lights $0.12/lb
Aluminum Cans $0.48/lb
Aluminum Siding $0.47/lb
Aluminum Windows $0.35/lb
Aluminum Sheet $0.47/lb
Cast Aluminum $0.47/lb
Aluminum Rims $0.52/lb
Non Mag Stainless Steel $0.35/lb
Lead $0.40/lb
Electric Motors $0.18/lb
Transformers $0.20/lb
Batteries $0.17/lb
Carbide Inserts/Shapes $3.00/lb
Brass Radiators $1.45/lb
Copper Alum Radiators $1.20/lb
Cast Iron $0.10/lb
Steel Iron $0.08/lb
Tin/Appliance $0.07/lb

All prices are subject to change.