Large Lots of Scrap Metal for Sale Incl 270000 Lbs of Alum

November 11 2012 – 270,000 Pounds of Shredded Aluminum featured in this week’s Scrap Metal Auctions.

20,000 Pounds of Copper WireMechanicsburg, PA

180,000 Pounds of Mixed MetalWatervliet, NY

30,000 Pounds of Mixed MetalsFt. Leavenworth, KS

270,000 Pounds of Shredded AluminumSalley, SC

200,000 Pounds of Aluminum ScrapAlbany, GA

100,000 Pounds of Aluminum ScrapBarstow, CA

32,920 Pounds of Stainless SteelJoint Base Lewis-Mcchord, WA

10,000 Pounds of Scrap Stainless SteelKapolei, HI