Clare MI Area Prices Show AF Structural at 290 Per NT

November 7 2012 – AF Structural at $290 per NT in Clare, MI area. Prices provided by Fair Salvage Company.

Prices are per Net Ton:

2′ Plate and Str $290
5′ Plate and Str $270
AF Structural $290
Short Steel $260
Mixed Cast $255
Clean Motor $285
Unclean Motor $235
4×2 $260
Unprepared $200
UNP-Structural $225

In other news:


MEPS – EU Average Stainless Steel transaction values, for all austenitic grades, increased in October. Some EU mills were able to implement advances in basis numbers. Rises in alloy surcharges added to the upward price movement.

A small rise in alloy surcharges is expected to result in further advances in stainless steel selling figures in November. However, end-user demand is likely to remain subdued for the remainder of 2012.

MEPS believes that transaction values will rise during the first half of 2013. Many customers will need to increase purchases as seasonally higher spring consumption commences. Anticipated rises in raw material costs could spur stainless steel prices higher. However, only a modest recovery in consumption is forecast for next year. This is likely to limit the size of the price advances over the next twelve months and could lead to declines in selling figures by the beginning of the third quarter.

Source: MEPS