6061 Extrusion at 49 Cents Per LB in Prices From URSI

November 9 2012 –  6061 Extrusion at $.49 per LB is shown in prices from URSI

Aluminum USD per LB
Aluminum BX Wire $0.40
6061 Extrusion $0.49
6063 Extrusion $0.55
Alum Wheel $0.62
Dirty Alum Wheel $0.57
Alum Cast $0.42
Alum Old Sheet $0.49
Alum Siding $0.54
UBC (Alum Cans) $0.52
Alum Foil $0.15
Alum Screens $0.15
Insulated Alum Wire 65% $0.15
Litho $0.55
MLC Painted $0.45
MLC Clean Clip $0.49
Dirty Alum $0.11

In other news:

US scrap suppliers postpone offering quotes to Taiwan

It’s reported that the US scrap suppliers have postponed offering the quotes to Taiwan this week as the scrap prices have been seen to continue rising.

It’s learned that the Taiwanese steelmakers only received a quote of HMS 80:20 (1&2) at US$362/ton C&F from a US scrap supplier early this week.

Most of the US scrap suppliers have postponed offering quotes as they intended to hold materials to wait for higher prices.

Source: Yieh