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October 24 2012 Aluminum Cans at $.37-.43 per pound in prices from the West Seattle area.

Aluminum Cans
Under 25 lbs. $.37
Over 25 lbs. $.40
Over 100 lbs. $.43
Over 200 lbs. $.43
Aluminum Scrap
Under 25 lbs. $.35
Over 25 lbs. $.38
Over 100 lbs. $.41-.42
Irony/Dirty Scrap Alum. $.10-.15
Ext. Solids/Clips/Rims/Wheels $.40-.55
Irony Extrustion $.35-.40
Non Ferrous Metals
Copper #1 $2.80-3.00
Copper #2 $2.65-2.72
Insulated Copper Wire:
Hi Grade $2.00-2.10
Med Grade $1.20-1.30
Low Grade $.70-.80
Brass (red/yellow) $1.70-2.00
Radiators (clean) $1.15-1.75
Radiators (w/steel) $1.10-1.20
Stainless Steel (clean) $.40-.45
Lead $.20-.30
Irony Non-Ferrous $.30-.60
Car Batteries $5.00 each/$6.00 for 5 or more

Sponsor: West Seattle Recycling

Please visit their website to see specific requirements for each product.

In other news:


Business in the German steel sector is slowing down. Distributors are unwilling to build stocks in the current climate. Selling figures continue to be under negative pressure. Auto sector demand is now starting to weaken. Service centre inventories are in decline. Mill delivery lead times are reducing. Orders on the steelmakers have, therefore, fallen dramatically.

The French market is extremely weak. There are no signs of any significant improvement in the short term. Demand from the automotive industry is down. On a brighter note, orders from the agricultural machinery sector are said to be holding up reasonably well. Demand from some “high-tech” industries is also slightly improved. The threat from competitively priced imports continues to hang over the domestic producers.

Information from the Italian market indicates that there has been no improvement in overall steel demand. Demand from manufacturers of standard cars is poor but for upmarket vehicles it is still fair. Finance is the key question for distributors. Obtaining credit is very difficult. Moreover, their customers want extended payment terms.

Buying activity in the UK is extremely low. A heavy cloud hangs over the steel sector due to uncertainty about the short and medium term prospects. Mills supplying the market are reporting that price reductions in recent months have offset the decreases in raw material costs. Both the service centres and steelmakers report that new orders are difficult to attract in the current economic climate. There appears to be no momentum in the market to indicate any short term gain in activity.

Steel demand in Spain continues to decline. As in Italy, finance has become a serious problem – particularly for the distribution sector. Most of the business being conducted in the steel market is in small quantities for immediate delivery. Automotive demand is starting to stabilise but at a greatly reduced level. Construction industry requirements continue to shrink and vehicle manufacturing remains poor.

Source: MEPS

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