Slight Increase in Lead Prices from URSI

October 16 2012 – Lead Strips at $.45 per pound are shown in prices provided by URSI

Lead USD per LB
Lead Strips $0.45
Mixed Lead $0.40
Car Batteries $0.26
Steel Case Batteries $0.23
Wheel Weight $0.36
Zinc USD per LB
Clean Zinc (New, Old & Die) $0.20
Irony Die Cast $0.12

In other news:

US scrap prices to rise in November

It’s reported that the US scrap prices have continued falling during September and October and the total price dip has reached US$70~US$100/ton.

It’s learned that the quotes of the US HMS 80:20 (1&2) to Taiwan currently fell to US$340/ton C&F from the price level of US$405/ton C&F in middle of September.

However, market participants expected that the US scrap prices would start to rebound from November, bring positive news to the Taiwanese rebar mills.

It’s known that the rebar prices have fallen for consecutive three weeks in the Taiwanese market and the total price dip has reached NT$1,000~NT$1,200/ton, caused by the dropped scrap prices.

Once the US scrap prices rebound, the rebar prices may increase as well in the Taiwanese market.

Source: Yieh