Red Pipe with Slight Increase to 1.97 Per LB from URSI

October 25 2012 –  Red Pipe at $1.97 per LB is shown in prices from URSI

Brass USD Per LB
Red Brass $2.16
Water Meters, Metal 81 $1.90
Red Pipe $1.97
Yellow Brass $1.85
Yellow Pipe $1.80

In other news:

US H1 scrap average prices remain flat for consecutive two weeks

The average prices of the US’s H1 scrap in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Philadelphia were at US$304.17/long ton on October 22th, 2012, remaining flat from a week ago.

Also, the US H1 scrap average prices have kept unchanged for consecutive two weeks.

Among them, the average H1 scrap prices in Pittsburgh were at US$299.5/long ton; that in Chicago was at US$309.5/long ton and that in Philadelphia was at US$303.5/long ton, all keeping unchanged from a week earlier.

In the given period of time, the average H1 scrap in New York, Boston, and Houston were at US$275.83/long ton, remaining flat from the previous week.

Source: Yieh