Recycled Brass in AZ Starting at 1.85 Per LB

October 19 2012 – Brass holds steady at $1.85-2.20 per pound as reported by I-Buy-Scrap website.

See other scrap price range section below to give you a general idea of what your scrap may be worth.

For quantities over 1000 lbs, call for prices. Prices subject to change depending on quantity, quality, and market conditions.

Motor Blocks $225-$285 n/t
Aluminum $.45-$.70 per lb.
Aluminum Cans $.50-$.75 per lb.
Brass $1.85-$2.20 per lb.
Cast Aluminum $.55 per lb.
Copper $2.85-$3.25 per lb.
Car Batteries $.10- $.25 per lb.
Stainless Steel $.50 per lb.
Steel $150-$285 n/t
Radiators $.20-$2.20 per lb.
Electric Motors $.25 per lb.