Ferrous Scrap Prices From Weldon IA

October 29 2012 Prepared #2 Steel at $135 Per Ton in Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices from P&L Recycling

Per Ton
Shred $130
Farm Equipment $130
Prepared #1 Steel (1/4’x3’x2’) $145
Prepared #2 Steel (1/8’x3’x18”) $135
#1 Cast Iron $170
#2 Cast Iron $130
Dirty Auto Motors $130
White Goods (must be totally torn apart – No whole appliances. Refrigerant, compressors, capacitors & thermocouples must be removed – no trash) $100
Unprepared Steel $120
Woven and Barb Wire $100
Oversize/Combines/Tractors $95
Whole Car Bodies (must have valid title, junking certificate or authority to demolish paperwork BEFORE payment ! Fuel tanks and batteries must be removed. Cannot have excess glass or plastic and no garbage!) $140

Any fuel tank left on or in the vehicle is subject to a $15 fee for us to remove it. Also, No loose scrap is allowed in the vehicles. It must be separated so it can be bought separately. Same thing goes for appliance metal. It HAS to be separate.

Call/contact for current scrap prices.