Auto and Catalytic Prices Show Large Honeycomb at 95 Each

October 25 2012 – Large Honeycomb at $95.00 each and other automotive, car and catalytic converter scrap metal prices, typical for the United States are shown below:

P & L Recycling LLC

Auto Radiators $1.50/lb
Dirty Auto Rads $0.55/lb
Auto Aluminum Wheels $0.60/lb
Truck Aluminum Wheels $0.50/lb
Whole Transmissions $4.00-6.50 each
Batteries (car size) $6.00 each
Dirty Auto Motors $130.00 per ton
Oversize/Combines/Tractors $95.00 per ton
*Whole Car Bodies $140 per ton


Ranards Hauling, Removal & Recycling

Whole Cars/Trucks $170/ton
Cast Iron $0.06/lb
Vehicle Batteries $0.15/lb
Dirty Motors $200/ton
Electric Motors $0.18/lb
Heater Cores $1.00/lb
Auto Radiators  Clean $1.58/lb
Auto Radiators  Dirty $0.58/lb
Aluminum-Copper Radiators  Clean $1.30/lb
Aluminum-Copper Radiators – Dirty $0.50/lb
Aluminum Radiators – Clean $0.35/lb
Aluminum Radiators – Dirty $0.12/lb
Mixed Lead $0.20/lb
Starters $0.25/lb
Alternators $0.35/lb


Fair Salvage Company

Catalytic Converters:  Each
Large Honeycomb $95
Bread Loaf $75
Fish Tale $38
Regular Honeycomb $38
Jumbo Bead $75
Regular Bead $25
After Market $5
Wire Converters $10
Catalyst $4
Low Grade Foreign $30
Small Foreign Conv $80
Med Foreign Conv $90
Large Foreign Conv $110
Precats $15
Diesel Converters $8
Four Dot Converters $75
Straight Body $65
Jeeps $50
Wide Gap $22

Scrap prices above are subject to change and you should contact vendor to obtain current scrap metal pricing.


Great Metal Recycling

Catalytic Converters Prices Vary- Call
Junk Car $0.11/lb