UK Scrap Metal Prices June 6 – Steel 155 Per Tonne

June 6, 2012 – Scrap metal prices in the United Kingdom for non ferrous and ferrous scrap metals

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices Ranges are in £/tonne ExWorks.  These are buy and sell prices.

Copper Dry Bright 3700 4150
Lead Scrap 850 1050
Lead Batteries 445 545
Alum Cuttings 925 1025

Scrap Iron and Steel Metal Prices Ranges are in £/tonne ExWorks

Foundry Short Steel Scrap 275 345
Car and Lorry Engines 265 310
Steel 155 185

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In other news:

US steel imports down by 3% m-o-m in May

According to statistics released by the government, the US’s licenses to the steel imports totaled 2.63 million tons in May, falling by 3% from the country’s preliminary import count of 2.72 million tons for April.

Among them, the shipment from Brazil totaled 228,801 tons, decreasing by 35%; that from Canada was at 429,848 tons, falling by 12%; that from Mexico was at 161,718 tons, declining by 21%; that from Russia was at 240,640 tons, down by 6%; that from Turkey was at 112,245 tons, sliding by 27%, all compared to that in a month earlier.

However, the US’s steel imports from Asian countries increased in May. The steel imports from Japan reached the highest level over the past 14 months to reach 254,418 tons, surging significantly from 166,581 tons in April. Besides, the steel imports from South Korea also rose by 12% month on month to 273,294 tons in May.

Source: Yieh