Auto and Catalytic Scrap Prices June 13 – Radiators 1.45 Per Pound

June 13 2012 – Here are your automotive, car and catalyic converter scrap metal prices, typical for the United States

P & L Recycling LLC | 2261 Church St. | Weldon, IA 50264 | (641) 342-6459

Auto Radiators $1.45/lb
Dirty Auto Rads $0.55/lb
Auto Aluminum Wheels $0.60/lb
Truck Aluminum Wheels $0.45/lb
Whole Transmissions $4.00-6.50 each
Batteries (car size) $6.00 each
Dirty Auto Motors $130.00 per ton
Oversize/Combines/Tractors $95 per ton
*Whole Car Bodies $130 per ton

*(Must have Valid Title, Junking Certificate or Authority to Demolish paperwork BEFORE payment!

Fuel tanks and batteries must be removed. Cannot have excess glass or plastic and no garbage!)

Any fuel tank left on or in the vehicle is subject to a $10 fee for us to remove it. Also,No loose scrap is allowed in the vehicles. It must be separated so it can be bought separately. Same thing goes for appliance metal. It has to be separate.


Ranards Hauling, Removal & Recycling Marc Ranard |  2772 N. State Road 157 | Bloomfield, IN 47424 | (812) 384-0999

Whole Cars/Trucks $170/ton
Cast Iron $0.06/lb
Vehicle Batteries $0.15/lb
Dirty Motors $200/ton
Electric Motors $0.18/lb
Heater Cores $1.00/lb
Auto Radiators  Clean $1.58/lb
Auto Radiators  Dirty $0.58/lb
Aluminum-Copper Radiators  Clean $1.30/lb
Aluminum-Copper Radiators – Dirty $0.50/lb
Aluminum Radiators – Clean $0.35/lb
Aluminum Radiators – Dirty $0.12/lb
Mixed Lead $0.20/lb
Starters $0.25/lb
Alternators $0.35/lb


From Todd J. Graham Logistics Manager of Fair Salvage Company | 2731 E. Grass Lake Road | Clare, MI 48617 | Ph: 989-386-7552 | Fx: 989-386-2415 |

Catalytic Converters:
Large Honeycomb $90
Bread Loaf $70
Fish Tale $35
Regular Honeycomb $35
Jumbo Bead $70
Regular Bead $20
After Market $4
Wire Converters $10
Catalyst $3
Low Grade Foreign $30
Small Foreign Conv $80
Med Foreign Conv $85
Large Foreign Conv $110
Precats $15
Diesel Converters $8
Four Dot Converters $75
Straight Body $65
Jeeps $50
Wide Gap $22

Scrap prices above are subject to change and you should contact vendor to obtain current scrap metal pricing.