SDT Automatic Wire Stripping Machine for Scrap Copper Metals VIDEO

Are you TIRED of using a razor blade to strip wire by hand and the WASTED TIME it takes to strip wire for scrap?

Do you FEEL CHEATED recycling your copper wire as they give you less money than it is worth because of the insulated wire?

Do you UNDERSTAND that by burning the wire casing off of copper wire you loose value and create HAZARDOUS SMOKE and POLLUTION?
Introducing the SDT-WRA40 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine. This machine will strip wire as small as telephone wire to as large as 750 MCM copper wire. The 19 cutting slots channels will fit most wire including coaxial, Romex, flat and round wires of all types from .059″ to 1-1/2″ inches… If you are a Demolition Company, Metal Recycling Yard, Contractor, or Electrician this machine will pay for itself in one working day. DONT WAIT and BUY IT NOW today!