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As stated on the OSHA website - Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Only 23% of the workers with foot injuries wore safety shoes or boots. A majority of these workers were injured while performing their normal jobs at regular worksites.

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OSHA standards require employers to furnish and require employees to use suitable protective equipment where there is a “reasonable probability” that injury can be prevented by such equipment. The standards also set provisions for specific equipment.

While use of personal protective equipment is important, it is only a supplementary form of protection, necessary where all hazards have not been controlled through other means such as engineering controls. Engineering controls are especially important in hearing and respiratory protection which have specific standards calling for employers to take all feasible steps to control the hazards.


Sixty-six percent of injured workers were wearing safety shoes, protective footwear, heavy-duty shoes or boots and 33%, regular street shoes. Of those wearing safety shoes, 85% were injured because the object hit an unprotected part of the shoe or boot.(6)

For protection against falling or rolling objects, sharp objects, molten metal, hot surfaces and wet, slippery surfaces workers should use appropriate footguards, safety shoes or boots and leggings. Safety shoes should be sturdy and have an impact- resistant toe. Shoes must meet ANSI standards.

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