1 Million lbs Steel Scrap Metal Lot Ends Feb 23

BID NOW while there is still time on this large lot – 1,000,000 lbs(approx) Steel,light and heavy, unprepared, scrap metal to include housings, machinery parts, rails, tables, chairs, desks, banding, cabinets, plates, panels, and other items with foreign material and attachments. Contact Todd James Site Manager 602-540-2086. Buyer must provide (2)50 yard containers in scrap yard for placement of scrap and remove full containers within 2 days of notification and replace with empty containers. Drivers dropping off and picking up containers will be required to wear a hardhat and high visibility vest when outside of the truck in the scrap yard. GL will have these items available for use. Refrigeration/hvac equipment is certified drained. Any property removed by outside sources other than buyer must have authorization on file before removal. There is a scale on site to weigh full and empty containers however if the scale becomes inoperable certified CAT scale weight tickets will be required.Period of performance is 6 months from award date. **The price per pound will be adjusted every month beginning with the first full month after the start of the contract. The price will be adjusted during the second week of the month. The revised price will be determined by taking the price of AMM No. 2 Bundle Pittsburgh on the first Thursday of the month and dividing it into the AMM No. 2 Bundle Pittsburgh used on the contract start date. The percentage will be applied to the price per pound to arrive at an adjusted price. ** Pictures are representative of items in lot being sold. All scrap under this contract requires mutilation by the buyer prior to removal if allowed by the installation or mutilation must be witnessed and certified by DOD Surplus personnel at another facility. Title to the material does not pass to the buyer until the scrap has been mutilated. Buyer agrees to allow USG personnel to witness destruction. BID ENDS Feb 23 20112!
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