UK Scrap Metal Prices Update 10 14 2011

These scrap metal prices are for October 14, 2011 Scrap Metal Prices in the United Kingdom

Non Ferrous Scrap Prices Ranges are in /tonne ExWorks

Copper Dry Bright 4325 4550
Braziery Copper 4500 4750
Copper Tube 4625 4875
Brass Cuttings 3250 3600
Mixed Brass 2750 3250
Aluminum Cuttings 1000 1350
Lead Scrap 1100 1225
Lead Batteries 575 620

Prices from scrap-ex. For more prices visit scrap-ex brings buyers and sellers together. scrap-ex runs a Trading Platform for PRNs (Packaging Recovery Notes) and standard grades. Price above are subject to change and you should contact vendor to obtain current scrap metal pricing.