Tungsten Carbide Prices USA 10 6

October 6 2011 – Recycling Revolution, LLC  specializes in the recycling of TUNGSTEN CARBIDE hard scrap and grinding sludge. There has been a price change for scrap carbide and I am pleased to quote our current prices. Please note, payment terms are immediate after inspection and weight verification of your scrap material:
* Carbide Inserts, End Mills, Drills, Dies, Wear Parts, etc.: $8.00 per lb.
* Saw tips and carbide with silver brazing attached: $7.00 per lb.
* Carbide Grinding Sludge(minimum 50% tungsten contained):$7.00 per dry tungsten lb.
* Circuit Board Drills, aka CBD’s & Micro Drills: Clean: $8.00 per lb.
   With Teflon rings or mixed: $5.00 per lb.
* High Speed Steel solids (mixed grades, i.e. M1, M2, T1, etc.): $.75 lb.

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