Automatic Scrap Copper Wire Cable Stripping Machines

If you want to mximize your scrap metal recycling profits, then you need to strip your copper cables and wires to get the most money. Here is a dscription from one of the scrap stripper machine manufacturers:

“If you have access to scrap insulated wire and just take it to the scrap yard as is, then you probably get around a dollar a pound for it. But, if you stripped it and took in clean wire, you would currently get over $3.00 pound. That’s more than double your money! You can do the math and figure out how many pounds you would have to strip for the machine to pay for itself. But once it’s paid for, all the wire you strip from then on is pure profit that you would never have seen if you hadn’t bought the machine.”

See inventory of scrap copper stripper machines below: