2 month risk free trial of the iScrap App for Scrappers

Here is a press release from the iScrap people we received which we felt would be of interest to our readers…..

Good Morning Fellow Scrap Yards,

We hope that you have heard of us or seen some of our ads in Recycling Today, SCRAP Magazine, and maybe you  received a postcard from
us. If not, we would like to tell you how our goal is to continue to be the ONLY Scrap Metal advertising company  you need.

As a scrap yard owner, I know what it is like to pay through the nose in advertising for phone books, newspapers, TV, radio, and more. With the economy in a flux, prices of copper bouncing all over I knew  I had to do something different to bring in and stay with my customers wherever they were.

The iScrap App is a free App for Peddlers to use through the Android, iPhoneBlackBerry, and through iScrap App Online for any
other internet device, PC, or iPad/Tablet.

The iScrap App will generate you leads and new customers to your door, while always staying in contact with current

It lets peddlers:

o   See more information about your yard.

o  Request containers to a job.

o  Send you pictures for pricing/questioning.

o  See listings of some or all prices on over 200 materials.

At my scrap yard we have had dozens of NEW customers through the iScrap App, but more importantly, we have stayed connected with hundreds of current customers who no longer have to ask annoying questions on the phone (I am sure you know the feeling), call for simple pricing, see what your hours are, and getting directions.

Raise your hand if you have a smart phone. If you raised your hand, you and your customer have a lot in common because they are using smart phones, are using the iScrap App Online on their computers, and the iScrap App will connect you to them.

Contact myself or one of the team members at the iScrap App to try your 2 month risk free trial of the iScrap App. Watch as we connect  your yard to your customers and push new customers to your door.

Thank you,

Tom Buechel & the iScrap App Team

1-855-iScrapp (472-7277)

tom@iscrapapp.com  | www.iscrapapp.com