160000 lbs of aircraft aluminum scrap metal government auction

Boeing 747-122 Cargo Aircraft, approx. 160,000 lbs. of aircraft aluminum. Original delivery date 1970. MSN no. 19756, Registration N851FT, last operated as Polar Air Cargo “Cindy M. Sewalson”. All avionics, electronics, and engines have been removed. Preview dates are October 10th and 11th from 8 AM to 3 PM by appointment only. Since Roswell International Air Center is an FAA active airport, and the disassembly must follow guidelines as set forth by the FAA.. The buyer must use one of 2 on site companies to downsize/mutilate the aircraft, Please contact either Stewart Industries (575-347-2052) or AER Inc. (575 347 2181) absolutely no parts shall be removed from the plane for reuse/reconditioning. MUTILATION BY THE BUYER IS NOT AUTHORIZED!!! Buyer is solely responsible for contracting with either company for disassembly and mutilation. All scrap under this contract requires mutilation which must be witnessed and certified by DOD Personnel within 30 days. Title to the material does not pass to the buyer until the scrap has been mutilated. Buyer agrees to allow USG Personnel to witness destruction.

U.S. Government Surplus Airplanes – Bid Now on Auctions!

See video of airplanes and aluminum scrap up for auction below

U.S. Government Aircraft Aluminum Scrap Metals – Bid Now on Auctions Here!