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Scrap Metal Price as of September 18 2011 from the Indiana region of the United States. prices of scrap are in USD per LB or USD per ton as shown below:

Tin $250.00/ton
Long Steel $250.00/ton (1/4 thick)
Short Steel $270.00/ton (3? or under & 1/4)
Whole Cars/Trucks $260.00/ton
Aluminum Cans $0.67/lb
Aluminum Cans Crushed $0.70/lb
Painted Aluminum Siding $0.60/lb
Extruded Aluminum $0.70/lb
Sheet Aluminum $0.52/lb
#1 Copper $3.35/lb
#2 Copper $3.25/lb
#1 Insulated Copper $1.90/lb
#2 Insulated Copper $1.10/lb
EC Wire $0.78/lb
Insulated EC Wire $0.32/lb
Yellow Brass $1.60/lb
Red Brass $2.00/lb
Stainless Steel $0.55/lb
Electric Motors $0.30/lb
Auto Radiators Clean $1.85/lb
Auto Radiators Dirty $0.81/lb

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