Scrap Metal Prices USA West Coast 8 19

Current�scrap metal�prices on�the West Coast of�USA: scrap price are Price Per Pound >500 lbs
Radiators made of both copper and aluminum but no steel or tin attached $1.69
Radiators made of both copper and aluminum with steel or tin attached� $1.58
Copper Content – Metal items that are mostly copper $0.21
Condensors from refrigeration units with mostly copper content�$0.22
Stainless Steel Clean $0.61
Stainless Steel Dirty – other metal attached $0.30
Aluminum Borings Clean $0.51
Aluminum Rim with the rubber tire on it (price per tire not per pound)$8.58
Copper Wire Romex�$2.08
Electric Motors and Starters with nothing attached $0.40
Steel/Iron/Tin Minimum 100lbs $0.06
Aluminum Wire – no inslulation�$0.50
Christmas Lights with bulbs�$0.41
Zinc Clean – Aluminum cast clean with no steel or tin�$0.22
Zinc Dirty – Aluminum cast dirty with steel or tin attached $0.12
Appliance – Large metal applainces – Price Per Appliance�$5
Titanium Clean – no other metal or paint $2.25
Titanium Dirty – steel or paint attached�$1.50