Scrap Metal Prices Indiana USA Region 8 23

Current scrap metal prices in the Indiana USA Region. Scrap prices are in USD/Ton or USD per lb

Tin $250.00/ton
Long Steel $250.00/ton (1/4” thick)
Short Steel $270.00/ton (3′ or under & 1/4”)
Whole Cars/Trucks $260.00/ton
Cast Iron $0.10/lb
Vehicle Batteries $0.15/lb
Dirty Motors $300/ton
Electric Motors $0.28/lb
Stainless Steel – Clean $0.55/lb
Stainless Steel – Dirty $0.27/lb
Aluminum Wheels $0.80/lb
Aluminum Cans – not crushed $0.60/lb
Aluminum Cans – Crushed $0.63/lb
Painted Aluminum Siding $0.54/lb
Extruded Aluminum $0.64/lb
Sheet Aluminum $0.46/lb
ACSR Wire $0.32/lb
EC Wire $0.78/lb

more prices can be seen at Indiana USA Scrap Prices page