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Here are scrap metal prices in the USA (both East Coast and Midwest) for Nickel Alloy and Exotic Scrap Metals:

These are the East Coast Scrap Metal Rare Metal Prices

Rare Metal � Price Listings

Carbide Inserts/Shapes $6.00 /lb.
High Speed Steel $0.35 /lb.
Inconel $2.00 /lb.
Monel $2.00 /lb.
Alnico Magnets $1.50 /lb.
Nickel $ 7.00 /lb.
Titanium $ 1.00 /lb.
Hastelloy Solids $ 2.50 /lb.
Hastelloy Shavings $1.75 /lb

Midwest Nickel Alloy Scrap Metal Prices

Prime Nickel $9.05 lb
Scrap Ni Solids (clean) $9.02 lb
Scrap Inconel 625 $7.51 lb
Scrap Inconel 718 $6.53 lb

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