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June 12 2011 – typical steel HMS and iron scrap metal prices across the United States.

Midwest USA

Scrap #1 Dealer Bundles $425.00 gt
Scrap #1 Busheling $470.00 gt
Scrap #1 Baling $430.00 gt
Scrap #2 Baling $390.00 gt
Scrap Plate and Struct 2?x 5? $410.00 gt
Scrap Heavy Melt 2?x 5? $370.00 gt
Scrap Yard Cast(breakable) $340.00 gt

Michigan, USA area

2? Plate & Structural$355.00
5? Plate & Structural$325.00
Mixed Cast$300.00
Clean Motor Cast$325.00
4 X 2 Steel$305.00
Complete Vehicles$265.00
Sheet Iron$260.00

Indiana USA area

Long Steel $230.00/ton (1/4 thick)
Short Steel $250.00/ton (3? or under & 1/4)
Whole Cars/Trucks $240.00/ton

Always make sure you separate your scrap metals into ferrous and non ferrous in order to maximize your scrap prices. For additional scrap metal prices across the United States go to USA Scrap Metal Prices



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