Homescrap metal pricesMRRA Publishes June 2011 Scrap Recycling Prices

June 29 2011 – RECYCLING MARKETS REPORT – From the following Source
The Scrap Paper – Newsletter of the Maine Resource Recovery Association
June 2011
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As per the MRRA newsletter, they states that “We leverage our members’ tonnage, seeking new markets to get YOU the best prices. How do our prices compare to what you are being offered? Despite indications of a continuing weak recovery, material prices remain signifi cantly above historical averages. Reports indicate concern about a shortage of material being generated but mills are able to get all they need and more.”

“Some are cutting back because they have enough on hand or readily available. Finding takers (mill buyers) for material may become diffi cult, as it often does when mills take summer maintenance down time. If the peak holiday buildup doesn’t increase demand soon look for prices to drop, perhaps signifi cantly. As always, China is the wild card. All prices are net to you and subject to changing market conditions.”

Prices are in USD per ton
OCC $155
#8 NEWS $130
Mixed Paper $75-94
SOW $276
HDPE-Natural $764
HDPE-Mixed $624
HDPE-Colored $614
PET (full load) $795
Tin Cans (p/u varies w/ freight) $240-275

Source MRA

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